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Personalised Golf Gift Set


The Scotty Dog Golf personalised gift set is the perfect present for any golfer. The set comes with five stainless steel, enamelled golf markers that can be personalised with any image or graphic that helps you to feel positive on the course.

A magnetic holder on your retractable pitchfork and hatclip means that your markers can double up as your unique badge. Here (right) are a few recent examples of markers that we at Scotty Dog Golf have personalised for our clients. You can see that you can have anything as long as it fits into our golf marker (diameter 25mm).What next? Well it's so easy,  all you have to do is:
(1) Email a .jpeg of your design/logo/request to stephen@scottydoggolf.com.
Stephen will then show you how the marker will look and
(2) ask you to confirm the design.
(3) Scotty Dog Golf will then produce your unique gift set and deliver it to you in approximately two weeks.
And that is it. You'll then be able to then play your round of golf and show off your personalised set.
The total cost for the personalised gift set is just £25.

Good choice

Please drop us an email if there is anything else that you need to know.

"Wow, fantastic response. I'm getting all my buddies interested too."

- Scott, USA


"Thanks for the prompt delivery Steve.

The SmarTee really does work... even for me!"

- J. Sheridan, UK


"I am more than satisfied with the dealings that I have had with your shop and the refreshing honesty encountered."

- M. Goulding, Australia

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