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The Albatross - SOLD OUT

£5.00 (Sold out)

'Birdies' are great, 'Eagles' wonderful but what can describe the feeling of getting an 'Albatross?'
OK, 3 under par is a rareity, but that's what makes this marker so special.

For those tricky, long-range putts, you better get 'The Albatross' golf ball marker out. With it's enormous wingspan, no bird knows more about distance. Feel inspired when you place this marker behind your golf ball and survey the lie. You're going to need all your guile and skill to sink this one. But remember, get the right line and take... your... time.

Dimensions: (Diameter) 30mm (depth) 2mm

Good choice

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"Wow, fantastic response. I'm getting all my buddies interested too."

- Scott, USA


"Thanks for the prompt delivery Steve.

The SmarTee really does work... even for me!"

- J. Sheridan, UK


"I am more than satisfied with the dealings that I have had with your shop and the refreshing honesty encountered."

- M. Goulding, Australia

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